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Kimberly Bashara

Advanced classes & All Berkshire Dance Team

Miss. Kimberly Works with the advanced students at Terpsichore Dance Center teaching Ballet, Pointe, Lyrical, Jazz and Hip Hop Dance. Miss. Kimberly also directs and coaches All Berkshire Dance Team's seniors group.


Sofia Bock

Adult Ballet

Miss. Sofia is our teacher for the morning adult ballet class.


Erin Frissell

Hip Hop

Miss. Erin is one of our beginner hip hop instructors for young kids.


Olivia Iovieno

Beginner Lyrical, Jazz & Hip Hop

Miss. Olivia is one of our instructors that teaches our beginner dancers. She focuses on teaching beginner Lyrical, Jazz and Hip Hop styles.


Courtney Keefe

All Berkshire Dance Team

Miss. Courtney is a teacher and choreographer for All Berkshire Dance Team.


Jordynne Lacasse

Jazz Pop!

Miss. Jordynne is our Jazz Pop! teacher. We are so excited to have her as a new teacher this year. She is also teaching a brand new style of Jazz which includes, fun upbeat, popular dance music and dance moves to match!


Hailey Kirchner

Ballet, Pointe, Jazz & Tap

Miss. Hailey teaches Ballet, Ballet/Jazz, Tap/Jazz, beginner Tap and Pointe.


Serina Saunders

Hip Hop, All Berkshire Dance Team & Front Desk

Miss. Serina is our open level and intermediate Hip Hop dance instructor. Miss. Serina helps to instruct and choreograph for the All Berkshire Dance Team. She is also the friendly face behind the front desk.


Victoria Skubel

Beginner, Intermediate levels & All Berkshire Dance Team

Miss. Victoria teaches our beginner and Intermediate levels for Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Modern/Jazz & Contemporary dance classes. She is also a coach for the All Berkshire Dance Team.


Sandra Spaniol

Tap & Ballet

Miss. Sandi teaches all levels of tap from pre-tappers to the advanced tap level. She also teaches pre-ballet and adult ballet.


Grace Wildrick

Jazz & Lyrical

Miss. Grace teaches our pre-lyrical and pre-jazz classes and loves working with our little dancers!